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Breakfast & Buffet

Breakfast & Buffet

Wellness is associated with happiness.That ties into being healthy, eating well and having a healthy breakfast.

Towels and bedding

Towels and bedding

Nothing makes you feel better than when you get into a hotel bed, and the sheets feel so good. Why shouldn't you wake up like that every day? Spend money on your mattress and bedding because these things make a difference on your sleep and, ultimately, your happiness.

24/7 Reception

24/7 Reception

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Local Attractions

Yercaud Town

Yercaud is a hill station town in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It lies in the Shevaroy Hills, known for their orange groves, and coffee, fruit and spice plantations.Yercaud is located at a distance of 31 km from Salem district of Tamil Nadu. It is located in the Shevaroy range of hills in the Eastern Ghats at an altitude of 1515 m (4920 ft.).

0.7 KM

Emerald Lake, Yercaud

Emerald Lake is the first attraction for a Tourist. It is a picturesque water body surrounded by gardens and well wooded area. Boating in the cold water of the lake is enchanting as well as refreshing. It is a pool surrounded by well-preserved gardens and dark woods. The lake has boating facility in which both paddle boats and oar-drawn boats are available.

1 KM

Deer Park

Deer Park is situated adjacent to Boat House. The lake surrounding the park gives a feel of an island. It is connected by an over bridge to enter. Deer park is maintained by Yercaud Forest Range of Tamilnadu Forest Department.It is an attraction especially for children as there are swings and slides for them to enjoy.

1.2 KM

Anna Park

Another important place of visit in Yercaud is the Anna Park which is located near the lake. This park has a collection of the natural species of plants and trees seen around Shevaroy hills. Flower shows are conducted in this park during summer months.There isa breathtaking Japanese garden inside this park in which plants are grown in Japanese style.

1.3 KM

White Elephant Tooth

White elephant tooth rocks in Yercaud are another amazing sight that can be viewed from the granite embedded Tipperary viewpoint. These are two white rocks located at a height of 120 feet. The spectacular rocks are believed to be the leftovers of a meteorite which would have fallen to the earth centuries before.

1.3 KM

Ornamental Lake

This is also known as Small Lake and lies in the heart of the town between the Yercaud Library and Sports Club and the Monfort School. A fort like compound wall has unfortunately obscured this picturesque lake in the heart of town and made it look like a well. Ornamental lake in Yercaud is very small when compared to the Emerald Lake.

2 KM

Silk Farm & Rose Garden

It is located close to lady's and gent's seat. Entry is ₹30 per head. Parking charges are extra (₹40 or so). Good for a stroll in the greens. This garden is plagued with the same problem that is visible in all other public gardens in Yercaud - an unkempt look and seeming lack of maintenance.Plus points of the rose garden are its nice layout and lots of open space for children.

2 KM

Tipperary View Point

The hills tribes who cultivated these lands are said to have abandoned this area after plague struck the area. These lands were than utilized by the Government for a Teak Wood plantation. Vaniar River passes through this Teak forest and leads to the Vaniar Dam. Bisons are frequently seen in the Teak Forest. 11 km from town.

2.5 KM

Monfort School

Monfort School was established in 1917 in Yercaud by the untiring effort of Bro.Denis. The school was named after the founder of the Order of St.Gabriel. St.Louis Marie Grignoin de Monfort. Its vast campus with attractive buildings, spacious play grounds, well planned and beautiful gardens, and a swimming pool which is the envy of all the schools in the South.

3 KM

Botanical Garden &


This is one of two orchidariums run by the Botanical survey of India. It has a large collection of native orchids. One can see the rare Ladies Slipper, an insect eating Orchid. A rare tree Shevaroys Bombax which was reported on one of the private estates has also been identified and multiplied in this farm. A treat for plant lovers. 5 km from town.

3.5 KM

Ladies Seat, Gents Seat,

Childran Seat view point

Lady's Seat, Gent's Seat and Children's Seat, located to the south-west of Shevaroy Hill, are the names given to a group of rocks located on the Yercaud Hills. These are present in the form of a seat, which overlooks the Salem town and Ghat road. The Lady' Seat has derived its name from a set of rocks made naturally.

3.5 KM

Kiliyur Falls

Kiliyur Falls is a waterfall in the Shervarayan hill range in the Eastern Ghats Tamil nadu. The waters overflowing the Yercaud Lake fall 300 ft (91 m) into the Kiliyur Valley. The falls is situated at a distance of 2.5 km (1.6 mi) from the Yercaud Lake. The final 500 m (1,600 ft) or so consist only of a rough unpaved steep pathway.The view of the fall is indeed spellbinding and eye catching.

3.5 KM

Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple

This is said to be the Goddess of all Gods in the Hindu Pantheon and by praying to her one can attain wealth and prosperity and be elevated to higher levels of spirituality.This temple was founded by Tirukovilur Thapovanam Srila Sri Gnanananda Giri Swamigals Parampara Disciple HH Swami Poornananda Giri in the year 1983 and now succeeded by his son V Sri. In this temple the Godess Sri Raja Rajeswari

3.5 KM

Retreat Church

The Retreat belongs to a Religious Society founded by St.Don Bosco (1815-1888). The Saint wanted his spiritual son, popularly known as Salesians of Don Bosco, to work for the poor land abandoned youth through schools, technical institutes, agricultural and trade schools. The Retreat serves as a Novitiate house where students of the religious order stay and study.

7 KM

Shevarayan Temple

It is one of the main attractions of tourist visiting Yercaud. It is the highest peak in Yercaud. This spot is the pinnacle of Shevaroy hills and one can see the stunning forest ranges and stupendous valleys below the point. There is a cave inside the temple where the idols of Shervaroyan and Goddess Kaveri resides in the sanctum. Lord Shervarayan guards the 67 villages around Yercaud.

7 KM

Shri Chakra Maha Meru Temple

Apart from the various tourist attractions, Yercaud is also home to the World’s largest Sri Chakra Maha Meru. Located in Nagalore 7 kms from the Yercaud lake, this Lalitha Tripurasundari Temple houses the world’s largest Sri Chakra Maha Meru.Tripurasundari Mahameru Temple is a very beautiful temple situated in the midst of a cultivate.

9 KM

Pagoda View Point

This lies on the Eastern side of the Yercaud hills and is also known as Pyramid Point. The name comes from the hill tribes having made four piles of random stones in a Pagoda or Pyramid formation reportedly to mark some event. Today there is a Rama Temple which lies between these Pagodas. One can get a grand view of Attur and Ayothiapattinam from this picnic spot. 5 km from town.

11 KM

Kottachedu Teak Forest

The hills tribes who cultivated these lands are said to have abandoned this area after plague struck the area. These lands were than utilized by the Government for a Teak Wood plantation. Vaniar River passes through this Teak forest and leads to the Vaniar Dam. Bisons are frequently seen in the Teak Forest. 11 km from town.

20 KM

Vaniyar Dam View

Vaniyar Dam, one of the big dams in Dharmapuri district is located at 5km from Pappireddipatti, built in the foothills of Shevaroy Hills across the Vaniyar River, which is a major tributary of Ponnaiyar River . The Dam has a capacity to hold 418 Mcft water & upto depth of 65 ft and connected to the lakes of Venkatasamuthram, Aalapuram, Onthiampatti, Thenkaraikottai and Parayapatti via channels.

Tamizhkumaran JTK

One of the finest hill resort. The ambience and the restaurants are awesome. They have a resort, open dinning. The breeze inside the hotel gives you a feel of being in an air-conditioning room. There is a bar. Lot of parking space. Rooms for accomdations. Garden for children to play. They do have a small sections for bird and poultry . Goose , duck , turkey and guinea fowl are maintained. Must visit place when you come to yercaud. The food is delicious.

Jeyapal K

I think 3star. Nice and tidy rooms with TV and hot water. Door step food service. Breakfast included in the rent. No swimming pool. Quality restaurant. Strongly recommend.

venkatesan muthukrishnan

Nice and Calm Place to relax. This place is located on the main road...Property is maintained neat and clean.....